I like making things.

Silly madlib generators, Twitter Bots, YouTube parody music videos, fully database-driven Node.js webapps, or maybe just banana bread.

I've only recently been enrolled in Galvanize Austin's full-stack immersive web development program, but I've had a lifelong love of technology, art, language, and media.

So what are you exactly?

I'm a software developer honing my skills in preparation for the end of my coding bootcamp. While It's true that in the past I've worked in video production, I'm switching careers and starting something new and exciting!

Why did you decide to switch?

I've always loved film, but in the last few years it's become clear that the kind of job environment I'm looking for isn't something I'm going to find as easily in the film industry.

What is it you're looking for exactly?

I'm looking to work with energetic, like-minded creative individuals at a company willing to invest in my success and continued professional growth.

That sounds a lot like my job.

Are you hiring developers?

  • Galvanize, Austin - Full Stack Web Development
  • Emerson College, Boston - Media Art MFA
  • Indiana University, Bloomington - BA Japanese/Telecommuncations
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • 日本語